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Situational Consulting

Threat Assessments to Avoid risk of Violence


Site vulnerability assessment - Post event management - Specifc threat assessments

Who is this for?

ALS can provide consulting services to assist your organization in addressing an ongoing situation through threat assessments and coordination with local law enforcement. Additionally, ALS can perform a site survey and provide suggestions to make your work site less prone to acts of violence. If an event does occur, ALS can assist in post-event management by guiding your organization through the recovery process.

Situational Consulting


We can assist when there are instances of recurrent annoying or threatening behavior at a workplace. Suppose the intensity of their actions doesn't accredit an intervention by law enforcement, or there is an active local law enforcement investigation, and the organization is concerned about the employees' safety; In that case, we can provide various services on a situational basis. 


These services include 

  • A detailed assessment of the impending threat.

  • A review of related policies and procedures with recommendations to improve.

  • A safety assessment of the physical site with suggestions for improvements.

  •  We can liaise with local law enforcement until the matter is resolved.

Post Event Management

Our Post Event management services can be divided into short-term and long-term assistance.

Short-Term Management:

  • Expedite the reunification process.

  • Manage or assist in accounting for all personnel present or otherwise during the event.

  • Liaison with law enforcement to provide communication and coordination in the immediate aftermath.

  • Manage or assist in the dissemination of public statements.

  • Manage or assist in the management of service volunteers.

Long-Term Management


  • Recommend and manage the essential resources for the "return to normalcy," including biohazard clean-up and site repair.

  • Liaison with law enforcement to provide communication and coordination during and through the investigation and trial (if necessary) 

  • Management of temporary or semi-permanent memorials

  • Facilitation of an after-action review and the documentation of that review.

  • Review and revise (if needed) affected organizational policies impacted by the event.

  • Advise, as needed, during any subsequent civil legal actions

  • Produce an after-action report that recognizes the strengths and deficiencies in the organizational response to the event.

How to get started?

Please email us your contact information so we can arrange a preliminary phone conversation. Threat assessments, violence risk assessments, and site vulnerabilities often involve personnel, sensitive and/or security-sensitive information. Please be brief and hold details until our initial phone conversation.

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