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About Us

Who We Are

We are first responders with professional experience responding to acts of violence and the aftermath. Our team combines the lessons learned with over 25 years of experience in learner-based, adult-centered instruction to deliver impactful, lasting, and life-saving content.

Due to the unpredictable and degenerative nature of an active shooter incident and the subsequent chaos, we have designed our safety training resources to ensure a dynamic & swift response during an act of violence. Our tools and workplace safety training modules equip you to react quickly and make informed decisions about whether to Avoid, Barricade or Confront.

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Why Choose Us

At ALS, we take our direct experiences, the lessons learned, and the experiences of our professional contacts to provide your workgroup with the most accurate and effective workplace safety training content. As lifelong learners, we constantly review, consider, and collaborate with other first responders to ensure that our material remains current.

Further, our experiences show that the possibility of an act of violence occurring can be significantly minimized. We do not focus on reactive strategies. Rather our unique focus is on established preventative measures and situational awareness training.



Jeff Geoghagan is a 30-year veteran of local level law enforcement. His career included assignments in patrol, special operations, and both basic and in-service instruction.  He supervised police personnel in both a field supervisor and command level capacity.  Jeff was primarily responsible for the development of the instructional materials used by ALS instructors and maintains an active role in the development and delivery of current and new material.

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